Sunday, March 23, 2008

A desperate situation

Buduburam: March 17, 2008 (Photo: Leon Toe)

I'm reviving this blog for the moment because of what is happening with the Ghanaian government and the Liberian refugees. Things have become extremely heated over the last week between Ghana and the refugees. I'm just going to copy and paste my communications with Leon, a reporter for The Vision newspaper at Buduburam, here because he relays the sense of urgency and upset far better than I ever could from Michigan (where I am now):

Sunday, March 16
Hi carrie,
It has been a while since I last wrote you.How are you and the family? How is the jod? am hioping all is good. Well things sre not that find here. conditions at the camp are not good, we have a protest going on here, because the Un has not done much in the repatriation. Now the process is halted.refugees are asking for an increase package for repatriation or resettlement, because we do not want to be integrated here in Ghana. But the interior minister is very angry. he warned refugees to put a stop to the protest or face the weight of the law. there is fear among us as to what will happen next as the protest continues.
Carrie, I have a proposal can I sent it to you to find a sponsor(s) to enable me to operate in Liberia? I will be glad and grateful if you accept it. am looking forward to hearing from you. I may not have money to always contact you. You acn pls call me on [phone number].
may God bless you and thank you in advance

March 18
Well as I told you early on sunday, the interior minister has order the arrest of the women that were protesting. the police has arrested more than 700 women and children and taken them to an unknown place. we do not know what is or will happen to them. before dawn monday the police raided the camp. all the guys at the vision are still on the camp, and we are all doing well, expect the present condition. my aunt were also taken.

Saturday, March 22
HI Carrie,
it me again. this time am in hidden. the p;lice are raiding the camp for any man at sight. I MANAGE escape from them and walk thru. the bushes to kasoa. Thousands of us are running to where we do not know. they are arresting men at will. calling us a threat to national security.

There has been next to NO NEWS at all about this in America or Europe. Every news outlet I have called in an effort to get Leon's story published has said something along the lines of, "Well, this hasn't come through on the wire."